ECOLOGICAL DESIGN is a permaculture company that manages the entire REGENERATION LIFECYCLE - from evaluating the land’s current condition, translating the vision of the owner into an optimal property design, then managing the installation and recovery to a healthy state. In doing so, we increase the ecological, human, animal and economic wealth of the land over time.


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Identifying your vision and goals for regenerating the land is an important first step in a successful design.  Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out these questions.  We will follow up with you to discuss a design or land planning consultation.



Establishing Large Scale Regenerative Agriculture



“Lily Springs Farm has been working with Ecological Design for several years to manifest our shared vision for a restorative agriculture demonstration farm. Paula and Lindsay are brilliant, creative, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable. As important as their professional expertise is their deep-hearted commitment to the land and to sustaining future generations of people and creatures. Post design and implementation, they continue to accompany us--educating us in tending to plants and animals as well as working alongside us to create a social design that benefits all. We couldn’t have asked for better partners.” 

- Nina, Osceola, WI



“The Ecological Design team listened diligently to what we wanted and translated our desires into a plan we felt confident in, a plan with surprisingly beautiful elements.  And the listening and planning never stopped.  As installation progressed, new and better ideas emerged which they implemented with an unwavering attention to quality and detail.” 

- Mike and Linda, Altura, MN