Ecological Design

Our ECOLOGICAL DESIGN team will guide you through the process of land regeneration.

Our products and services include Property Evaluation, Site Design, Land Planning, Implementation, and Education. We work with properties of any scale, from small backyards to large farms.  


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Identifying your vision and goals for regenerating the land is an important first step in a successful design.  Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out these questions.  We will follow up with you to discuss a design or land planning consultation.




The Property Evaluation will help you identify assets, opportunities and liabilities on your land. It will assist in your decision making process, so that you can conscientiously invest in the property to meet your goals.  

What does it include?

  • Site Walkthrough

  • Comprehensive Interview

  • Base Maps (aerial, topography, soil)

  • An Assessment Report that evaluates the site features such as water, infrastructure, access, roads, fencing, soil and existing plant communities



ECOLOGICAL DESIGN develops comprehensive regenerative Designs that identify appropriate land uses, crops, plantings, earthworks and water systems that are vital for regenerating the land and achieving your personal and economic goals. It locates roads, buildings, waterways, fields, fences and paddocks, pollinator and wildlife habitat as well as homestead features such as kitchen gardens, family orchards, nature play and social spaces. 

Our Designs are a visual communication tool that helps translate your vision into action. It allows you to phase in your implementation and investment over time, avoiding costly rework and inefficiencies.

What does it include?

  • Property Evaluation & Comprehensive Interview

  • Base Maps (aerial, topography, soil)

  • Zones and Sector evaluation

  • Design Notes / Plant List

  • Computerized Design Map

  • Design Walkthrough

We offer:

  • Whole Farm Design

  • Homestead Design

  • Community Design

  • Public Spaces Design


Land Planning

For land owners interested in increasing the ecological, economic, or wildlife value of their property or applying for funding. Ecological Design develops Pollinators Plans, Water Plans, Forestry Plans and Grazing Plans for Management of your property.



No matter your scale, Ecological Design can facilitate the installation of your design. What does this mean?

We provide:

  • Installation plan and Project Management

  • Earthworks and Soil Amendments

  • Plant sourcing and Planting  

  • Post implementation guidance and feedback




The Ecological Design team is comprised of skilled listeners, facilitators and problem solvers that help your “village” align to the vision, plan and regenerative outcome.

We provide:

  • Listening Sessions with Community Stakeholders and/or Family members

  • Working Sessions with Conservation Districts and Watershed Districts.

  • Guidance and Recommendations for Interpersonal Land Transition



Ecological Design’s experienced team is certified as Permaculture designers and teachers, trained in Regenerative Design and Holistic Management,  and bring more than 19 years of on-the-ground experience. We are available to present or host workshops on the following topics: