The Natural Capital Plant Database is a repository of plant information for regenerative design. Combining the best sources of plant research and documentation, The Natural Capital Plant Database provides citations from multiple sources on plant characteristics, tolerances, behaviors, ecological functions, human uses, and concerns.  It also includes information on natural plant associates, polycultures, and cropping systems.


Opportunity Lands Map of Blue Earth  Watershed

This Perennial Land is the story of a beautiful and intensely farmed land that has been written off as a “sacrificial landscape” - a natural place ceded entirely to industrial use. For land owners, policy makers and citizens interested in returning health, beauty and economic stability to corn and soybean country, “This Perennial Land” makes a compelling case for changing what we grow, how and where we grow it in order to restore historic function at landscape scale. 

Accompanied by a remarkable “opportunity map,” This Perennial Land” offers a conceptual blueprint for regenerating land in the heart of Midwest agriculture. To purchase, visit Perennial Lands.

“Look more closely. Along the rivers and streams, among the nooks and crannies, a new model is emerging - one where a variety of perennial “third” crops are adding value to the two-crop system of corn and soy - returning the land to ecological health.” - The Perennial Land