Ecological Design

ECOLOGICAL DESIGN offers a suite of land regeneration products and services from education through design to full land transformation.  Our services can be applied to any scale from small backyards to large farms.  

Site Plans and Landscape Designs both start with a questionnaire and consultation to understand your vision and goals, assets and challenges.  We then follow up with you for scheduling a site assessment to understand the current state and capacity of the land.
Outputs include site maps (aerial, topography, soil), design drawings, plant lists, and extensive design notes that describe the design and help guide implementation decisions. 


Fill out a Questionnaire to get started!


Identifying your vision and goals for regenerating the land is an important first step in a successful design.  Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out these questions.  We will follow up with you to discuss a design or land planning consultation.



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For homeowners and businesses, our regenerative designs allow you to create beautiful and abundant landscapes that integrate food, function and beauty.  A landscape design provides the details you need to bring the land back to life and meet your vision and goals.

  • Where can I grow food?  
  • Where should I locate social and play spaces?  
  • How can I create pollinator and bird habitat? 
  • What plants should I plant together?
  • How do I build soil, harvest water, and manage pests and predators?
  • How can this be low-maintenance?


ECOLOGICAL DESIGN develops comprehensive Site Plans that identify appropriate land uses, crops, plantings, earthworks and water systems that are vital for regenerating the land and achieving your personal and economic goals. It locates roads, buildings, waterways, fields, fences and paddocks, pollinator and wildlife habitat as well as homestead features such as kitchen gardens, family orchards, nature play and social spaces.  The Site Plan is a valuable tool for helping you phase your implementation and investment over time, avoiding costly rework and inefficiencies.

  • What is the most efficient and economical location for roads, fences, and water systems?
  • How can I manage water to minimize the impact of flood and drought?
  • Where should I put buildings, social spaces, gardens, orchards, pastures and livestock? 
  • How can I make the best use of my infrastructure investment?  
  • How can buildings be as multifunctional as possible?
  • How can I minimize contamination from chemical and GMO drift?
  • What crops, berries, and fruit trees should I plant?
  • What groundcovers should I use to build healthy soil and minimize pests?
  • What should I do first given the resources I have?
  • What type of investment will I need to make?
  • What return can I expect over time?



For property investors, land buyers and people interested in regenerating land, Ecological Design provides certainty that you are investing in the property that best meets your goals through our comprehensive property evaluation. The Property Evaluation answers costly questions. The Property Evaluation includes gathering your requirements, preparing site maps (aerial, topography, soil), a site walkthrough, and an assessment report that evaluates the site features such as water, buildings, infrastructure, access, roads, fencing, soil and existing plant communities. This evaluation helps identify unrecognized issues, downstream consequences and wonderful surprises!

  • Does the lay of the land support the crops you want to grow?
  • What is the quality of the available water?  Can you easily capture and store water?
  • Does the existing infrastructure suit your goals and vision?  If not, what kind of investment is required?
  • How productive is the soil? 
  • How much work will it take to get to a productive state for growing crops?
  • Are there issues with pollutants?
  • What is the quality of existing vegetation?  How diverse and healthy is it?
  • What are the potential pest and predator issues?
  • Is the property located in a community that supports your goals?


No matter your scale, Ecological Design’s team of seasoned installers manages the installation of the site design, providing the equipment, tools, plants, guidance and hands-on help you need to “get it in the ground.”  After implementation we can provide guidance and feedback during the startup and establishment phase.



ECOLOGICAL DESIGN supports you in successfully transitioning land to a regenerative, food-producing state by identifying government programs to fund infrastructure and establishment costs, by crafting crop succession plans and budgets to ensure cash flow during the transition and by preparing your site to integrate annual and perennial crops and animals. 



For land owners interested in increasing the ecological, economic, or wildlife value of their property or applying for funding, Ecological Design develops management plans for Pollinators, Carbon Sequestration, Woodlands, Grazing and Pastures, and Water Management.




Aligning the Vision, the Plan and the People - Regenerating land often takes “a village.” Getting everyone on the same page, meeting township or municipal requirements and knowing the best approach can be a challenge - especially with multi-generation family members, neighbors and other stakeholders. The Ecological Design team is comprised of skilled listeners, facilitators, problem solvers and regulatory experts that help your “village” align to the vision, plan and regenerative outcome.



Ecological Design’s experienced team is certified as Permaculture designers and teachers, trained in Regenerative Design and Holistic Management,  and offer more than 17 years of on-the-ground experience. We are available to present or host workshops on the following topics:

  • Permaculture Design Course
  • Building a Regenerative Farm - one day workshop
  • Building Blocks of Ecological Design
  • Creative Resistance / Regenerative agriCulture / Social Permaculture    
  • If you are interested in us presenting on a related topic, please contact …..