As a permaculture designer, agroecologist and author, Paula Westmoreland is a leading voice in the regenerative community. As Founder, Partner and Lead Designer of Ecological Design, Paula is passionate about inspiring landowners regarding what’s possible with their land, designing whole systems that connect people to the land in a way that enriches both, and providing a vision and pathways for restoring ecological health to America.

Paula has a Masters degree in Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Landscape Design from the University of Minnesota, received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2000, and started Ecological Design that year. 

In 2003, she co-founded the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate and developed the Natural Capital Plant Database for designing polycultures and cropping systems.  In 2010 Paula co-authored a book of illustrated essays, “This Perennial Land: Third Crops, Blue Earth and the Road to a Restorative Agriculture.




A Certified Permaculture Designer, Ecological Design Partner and ecological consultant, Lindsay Rebhan is passionate about seeing a client’s property alive with life, employment, learning and nourishment. 

A specialist in land use, land design and land management, Lindsay works with farmers, food nonprofits and organizations to increase the ecological, human, animal and economic wealth of land over time.

A graduate of Environmental Studies at the University of St. Thomas, Lindsay studied food systems and culture in Bangladesh, Cuba and Guatemala. She is a former Program Director at Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate, a Program Coordinator at Renewing the Countryside and a  speaker on land regeneration issues.



A certified permaculture designer, Laura has worked with Ecological Design since 2007 in urban design and installation. Laura has a diverse horticultural background with experience in greenhouse production, plant propagation, ecological restoration and farming. She gardens extensively on her own property where she experiments with plant hardiness, pest management, incorporating children and creating functional design.  Laura loves the work she does and is most happy when sharing what she’s learned with others.



A gardener, orchardist, and permaculture designer, Sarah has worked with Ecological Design since 2014. She grew up in the Smoky Hills of central Kansas and has lived in and loved the upper Midwest for over a decade. Sarah studied perennial agriculture by working at the Land Institute, Moonstone Farm and Walden Heights Orchard. She spent five years at the Land Stewardship Project supporting beginning farmers and urban farmers through community based training and grassroots organizing before joining the Ecological Design team. Sarah is a lifelong gardener, student of ecology, and is currently working towards a Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota.